Thank you so much for stopping by the KNP Family Lounge! Here you will find everything you need to know about your upcoming family session. From investment, to tips and tricks and even outfit inspiration, this site has it all. Shooting families is actually how I got my start in photography. Long before shooting Luxury International weddings, my heart was captivated by the candid magic and love that families of every size exude. Whether I am shooting an expectant mother -to-be, a newborns first few days of life, a growing young family or even a large family reunion; my heart explodes with joy getting to meet new families.

As a mother of 2 very spirited little boys, I know family pictures are not always the easiest to plan and coordinate. But, please,

let me tell you how wonderful it is that you are here and realize the importance of family portraits. In the blink of an eye, time passes by far too fast. Our little ones change so quickly, family members spend long months apart and pictures are what we are left with as tangible memories that last generations to come. 

My mission is to show you that even in the chaos of taking family portraits, candid magic can and will be captured. Your family, as they truly are, will not only have a blast taking photos, they will cherish the moments that were captured. I encourage you to explore this Family Lounge and hopefully we will get to meet and work together soon. 

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1. Picking the Perfect Portrait Location

Nobody wants to stand in the hot sun, or in the freezing cold, for too long. Time your portrait around the season. In summer, always plan on sunrise or sunset to avoid the heat of the day (and to capture the best light). This is usually the hour OF sunrise and for sunset it is the final 2 hours before the sun finally sets. In winter, er may need to shoot on a weekend if it’s getting dark before you can get out of work/school. As weekends are normally booked with weddings, please plan far in advance. Otherwise, we would be looking at shooting on days off from school during the week. Because I can not predict or control the weather, have a Plan B! When you book, plan a location that has an option of a awning or covered porch. A back up day and location are always great ideas! Just in case you didn't know, but an overcast day can often lead to the best images, with even light across faces and nobody squinting into the sun. However, if you dream of glowing sunset shots, we may need to find another day if the weather is not cooperating.


2. Outfits are Important, but so is Session Prep...

I am here to help when it comes to planning outfits for yourself and your loved ones. But before going into color schemes, please be sure you are picking the RIGHT clothes for the location and weather. If its windy on the beach, long dresses for ladies and a cover up, light sweater or shawl is recommended. It can get chilly....especially if you got too much sun during the beach day. This goes for the kiddos as well. If your little one is in a diaper or pull up, shorts or a skirt/dress with bloomers is recommended. If we are on the beach, BAREFOOT is the way my friends. Flip slops kick up sand and sneakers look embrace the sand and go barefoot. PLEASE DO bring flops however to walk on hot, rough sand and boards. 

Please be sure to tie back hair and keep away from eyes. When it comes to make up, matte lipstick and powder is best to avoid smears and shine. If we are shooting in the summer, PLEASE avoid bathing suits that leave tan lines. This goes for sunglass tans as well. Long beach days on shooting days also tire out children very quickly. Late naps and dinners are suggested with the promise of a sweet treat (like ice cream, boardwalk, etc) to help increase the chance of smiles : ) Salt water and air tend to dry out skin and eyes, so please wear goggles in the ocean/pool and wear a non greasy lotion. 

If you have allergies, please take a medicine before the shoot. I would hate for you to be miserable with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. Bug spray is always great to have on stand by if we are shooting in woodsy areas or near green head flies on the beach. 

If we are shooting in the winter, LAYERS ARE KEY! If you are too cold your eyes will water, nose will run and ears will turn bright red. Dress for the weather we will be in and dress warmer than you think you may need to. Its much easier to shed a layer than wish you had more to put on. Goosebumps are not a good look on anyone : P

For outfits, light and airy colors ALWAYS shoot best. Jeans and white/blue polos are often. staple here at the beach, but that does NOT means that is a set uniform. Mixing prints is fine as long as they compliment each other. Keep the kids in solids if the parents are wearing prints or vise versa. 

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3. If the Kids are Happy, Everyone is Happy...

Like I mentioned above, short beach days in the summer is a great way to avoid heat and exhaustion. Late naps, early dinners and having snacks in tow are recommended. Full bellies and rested kids are HAPPY, SMILEY KIDS! Feel free to bring along a toy or device that makes your little one giggle. If we are shooting little ones in the summer/fall, the promise of a fun family activity post shoot always is a great bargaining chip : )

Before the session date, pump your kiddos up. Tell them how much fun the shoot will be and ease any of their fears or concerns before the day. The last thing I want its for them to come in nervous, scared or unsure. I know working with a new photographer is like asking them to be best friends with a stranger and that is no east feat. So, help them feel your energy and excitement and they will be excited, too!


5. Relax and Trust!!

This is two-fold. Not only do you need to have extra time to get ready, you will need extra time to GET to the shoot, get settled in your shooting location and poses AND extra time to get the kids "wiggles out". PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 minutes early to the session. I am always early as well. This will give us time to meet, walk to your shooting location and not rush our time together. If you know you have kiddos that take longer to warm up to others, or need extra time, love and encouragement, PLEASE book a longer session. I would hate to have limited time to shoot before your kids show me how amazing they really are when they are comfortable. 
Again, leave early! Plan hair and make up appointments for earlier in the day. Bring back up outfits in case anything happens on the way. Allow time in case of traffic, allow time to find parking, and maybe even time to wake sleeping babes. 

The only way I can PROMISE you photos that you will will love of yourself is if you are actually feeling and looking yourself. Don't dress too far out of your comfort zone and style wheel. If you know your husband isn't a huge fan of photos, lets plan to get those with dad done first. Even talking dad to have a nice brew before the shoot is perfectly fine by me : P
Screaming behind my back at your children "cheeeseeee" "SMILLEEEE"....." YOU BETTER SMILE OR IM....." only stressed them and ME out. Let me have the time and chance to connect as best I can with your little one before screaming at them. However, if you want to sing and dance behind me to make little ones smile, by all means. Just be prepared for me to take pictures of you as well! : )
I can't tell you how many family sessions I have shot for my clients over the past decade and how many times I heave heard families apologize to me for their kids being kids! Or that everything was chaotic! PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE! Sometimes the most chaotic of days are my most favorite images because they are YOU! They are YOUR crazy perfect family! Kids are only kids for so long. Embrace the crazy parents. THATS REAL LIFE! And I promise you the candids we will capture will be everything to you!
Leave the hopes and dreams of everyone smiling perfectly at the camera behind. Instead, have FUN with your family. Create memories and moments you hold on to forever. One day these kids will have kids of their own and they will know what fun they had with you if you make it fun and not stressful for them. So smile, trust, relax and just BE YOU!

Tips and Tricks

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Accepted methods of payment:
Cash, Check, Venmo, Bank Transfer, Personal Check and All Major Credit Cards




For travel outside of Cape May, there is a travel fee that will be added on to the session total of 100/hr of travel. This covers round trip. 

For all sessions you will be given all the rights to the images both in color and black and white via a digital link delivery with rights to reprint the images on your own and share on social media, etc. No pesky CD needed. The images are all edited, in high resolution and are watermark free.

Full 1HR Family Session - $850

Mini 30Min Family Session - $625

These sessions allow time for pictures of children with parents, grandparents, parents with spouses, etc. 
Families 8 or larger, 90Min Session - $1150
Families 15-30 or larger, 2 hour Session - $1650



 $150.00 off ANY FULL session for returning KNP Families and KNP Couples

Micro Mini 15Min Family Session - $450

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maternity sessions

Mini Session, enough time to shoot in one location, one outfit, group family shots
60 minutes of shooting
Rights to all edited/high resolution images, color and black and white


Lifestyle Sessions






Mini Session:
enough time to shoot in one location,
one outfit 
30 minutes of shooting
Rights to all edited/high resolution images, color and black and white

Full session:
allows time for two locations and up to two outfits
90 minutes of shooting time
Rights to all edited/high resolution images, color
 and black and white





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senior sessions

Mini Session, enough time to shoot in one location, one outfit 
30 minutes of shooting
Rights to all edited/high resolution images, color and black and white

Full session, allows time for two locations and up to two outfits
90 minutes of shooting time
Rights to all edited/high resolution images, color and black and white





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1. What is your shooting style?

As I mentioned in my welcome message, family photography is where I started. I love the perfect mix of professionally posed and effortlessly candid. The chaos that ensues during family sessions is actually what causes those "perfectly you" moments that remain unique to you and your family. I usually start my sessions in a "camera aware" way to get everyone used to me and the camera. This means that I ask everyone to look at me and smile. From there, my families seem to run the show. They get more comfortable and relaxed and out of no where the shoot becomes that perfect mix of professional guidance and candid magic. Capturing those in-between moments are the best part and I can promise they will be your favorite images!

2. How do we get our photos back?

3. How long does it take to get our images back?

No need to worry about a pesky CD/DVD or USB drive. A online proofing adn viewing gallery will be sent to you and your family with a link to digitally download, print and share your images. Its easy as pie and grandparent friendly. Believe me, I am NOT tech savvy by any means and this Digital gallery will be your favorite way to view and share your images. Promise! Furthermore, I can lock your gallery with a password for extra security and all galleries come with a 4 digit pin. Only those that have the pin will be able to download the images!

As the contract will state, please allow up to 3 weeks in our busy season. But if you are here based on a referral or repeat client, you know 99.9% of my families get their photos back within 5-7 business days!! We are pretty speedy over here! Not to brag or anything : )

4. How long does it take to get our images back?

As the contract will state, please allow up to 3 weeks in our busy season. But if you are here based on a referral or repeat client, you know 99.9% of my families get their photos back within 5-7 business days!! We are pretty speedy over here! Not to brag or anything : )

5. What is required at the time of booking?

Great question! To get your date booked for your session, 50% off the total investment will be due. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit that will be kept in the event of a session cancellation or no show. If the shoot is cancelled due to rain, the deposit will be held and applied towards a new session date in the future. The contract will go further into detail about refunds options.  


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6. Any discounts available?

YES! We offer a Police, Military and Fire discount of 10% off. Thank you all for your service!

7. What are accepted method of payments?

8. How do professional prints work?

Cash, Check, Venmo. Credit card and PayPal are accepted as well with a 4% fee added to the total amount due. Images will be retuned once all payments are made in full. 

Right within the Digital gallery I will send you is a print ordering system. Simply click on the "shopping cart" to add in your favorite images, adjust their crops, pick your size, enter in your shipping address and enter in your payment information. My lab will print them and deliver them within 5 business days! So simple!

9. Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes!! Gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be gift wrapped and sent directly to your recipient.PLEASE CONTACT ME AT KAITLIN@KAITLINNOELPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

10. Can we bring our dog(s) to our photoshoot?

Sure can!!! I only ask that you bring a handler or sitter to watch/entertain your pet(s) while we shoot some portraits without them. Don't forget to pack a ball, some treats, a leash and of course a portable water bowl if we are shooting in the hotter months of the year. Also, dont be afraid to dress up your pup. A simple bow tie, bow, floral wreath or wrapped leash make all the difference in the world. Pinterest has some great ideas for this!

11.Is there a travel fee?

Yes. The travel fee is 100/hr of travel for locations OUTSIDE of Cape May County. The 100/hr fee covers round trip travel and will go towards time spent traveling, tolls, parking fees, etc.

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Thank you so much for inquiring about booking your family session with Kaitlin Noel Photography. I surely hope this Family Lounge answered any or all of your questions and concerns. Investing in Family Photography is such a wonderful gift and I feel so blessed and honored to be considered. I surely hope to meet and work with you and your wonderful family soon. All my love



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